Rector’s Letter – August 2021

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Benefice Safeguarding Officer: Rita Harrison-Roach is the Benefice Safeguarding Officer for Rogate with Terwick and Trotton with Chithurst Benefice. or Rita can be contacted on: (01730 818339)


Rector’s Letter – August 2021

‘Christ Centred – Community led’

Dear Friends,

Just as you think we are out of the woods a new COVID variant springs up and we are also experiencing huge changes in weather patterns, extreme flooding in northern Europe to sweltering heat and forest fires in North America. Seeing our way through, how we react, what we do, makes a huge difference to whatever life throws at us, for good or for bad. It reminds me of the Olympic logo of interlocked rings, an important symbol revealing that we are interconnected not isolated, and COVID has shown this up; we are not immune to whatever is affecting our world, we are in this together.

Jesus connected not just with the rich and powerful but with the ordinary and his parables were drawn often from the vineyard and the agricultural world of farming, sowing crops, and sheep rearing. In all these parables there are lessons to be learnt, the sowing seed, how to share and to be open to the challenges of life with hope, love and a renewed in spirit within us. We so need ‘ears to listen’, time and space to re-examine our lives, and time for God and those round us. Spiritual growth often requires change, so before we settle into old comfortable habits, I ask you to examine where you are with God and others. In this summer month, look afresh at your routine and don’t be afraid to try something different.

As a church we are exploring new forms of services, so come to Church if you haven’t in a while, reset your spiritual life and walk with us on the journey of life, in all its fullness. Re-charge your ‘spiritual batteries’ this summer.

Yours in Christ

Edward (Rector)

Ps. Thanks: Last month at the end of term for Little Angels we marked the 21 years of faithful service of Joyce Piper who retired, having made the teas and coffees for all those attending the church toddler group since its formation all those years ago by Tara and Hilly, and now ably led by Harriet and Mary-Anne. Well done! What a wonderful gift ‘Little Angels’ is to our community.

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