Rector’s Letter – March 2021

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Benefice Safeguarding Officer: Rita Harrison-Roach is the Benefice Safeguarding Officer for Rogate with Terwick and Trotton with Chithurst Benefice. or Rita can be contacted on: (01730 818339)


Rector’s Letter – March 2021

‘Christ Centred – Community led’

Dear Friends

Woody Allen once famously said, “Our civilisation stands at the crossroads. Down one road is despondency and despair. Down the other road is total annihilation. I hope we take the right road.” In seeking to be humorous, I think Woody Allen summed up something of the spirit of our times. The way ahead for us often seems unclear, both for us as individuals, as a society and as a global community, especially in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, but there does now seem to be a clearer path ahead with the roll out of the vaccines.

Life has often greeted us with a mixture of joys and sorrows and yet it is often in times of mixed emotions and uncertainty that the presence of Christ seems more visible to us. In a world that is shifting and moving, where events seem to undermine democracy, where injustices and terror are dividing people and nations, we long to know where this is all heading too. There are however some concretes for those who follow the faith, that Jesus is at the centre of all things and wills us to follow him.

As we look towards Holy week and Easter, Jesus calls us to put to one side the things that hold us back, to take the Cross, to be ready to challenge and change from within and from without ourselves. I believe that we are in the cusp of great change out of the pandemic, terror, inequality, pain, and division. Jesus reveals that we can overcome evil and darkness, by taking up the Cross, which in all its true beauty and vulnerability can overcome the many deeds of darkness in our world. I remember the prayer of a volunteer at a refuge as she prayed this blessing before the people came through the doors. “Lord, help us to treat everybody right today, because Lord, we believe you’ll be coming through this line today. Help us to recognise you in all.”

The Crucified and Risen Jesus now awaits us on many occasions, in all our joys and sorrows to take up the Cross, to stand with one another in all we are going through. You never know when He will ‘surprise’ you! There is always hope, for Jesus, risen, brings it so! Keep alert!

As a PCC we are planning to resume attended Church worship from Maundy Thursday, with the hope that we can hold Easter Day services, that is if all looks good with infection rates in our area, and that there is no risk to people’s health and safety. Please look out for more updates during the month. In the meantime, keep calm, keep praying and believe in the Easter hope.

There is light for all in Jesus! Alleluia!

Yours in Christ



Ps. Many of you will have heard by now that Rosemary White died last month after a long illness and in care. She will be fondly remembered by many in the Church and wider community of Rogate. May she rest in peace and rise in glory. Alleluia! Amen.

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