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Rector’s Letter – June 2018

‘Christ Centred – Community led’

Dear Friends

As Christians we are an expectant people, always on the look out to see where Christ is calling us to be. We don’t always get there, but it is encouraging to see many working out what it means to be a Christian, to be community and facing the changes and challenges with renewed faith and with a certain degree of good humour. As a body of Christ in this place, we are being encouraged by our Bishops to ‘Know, love and follow’ Christ and to work together to bring about community and to make our churches more accessible to all.

We have much to pray and think about in how we are to adapt our Churches, so as to make them accessible and open to all in the community, without losing their sense of the spiritual. Trotton Church is now fully working with the Parish council and the community to make it available for concerts and meeting, as well as maintaining this wonderful peaceful place of worship. Rogate Church is working on its ‘20/20’ project to make the Chancel larger with a wooden raised dais, to allow for greater use for concerts and worship space, together with a plan to renew the lighting of the Church. At the moment we don’t seem to have enough funds to make head way with this worthwhile project at Rogate Church, but we shall keep on praying and persevering until we get to where we need to be.

St Peter’s, Terwick is working on reclaiming the south-east section of the Churchyard for re-use of burial space, as burial spaces are limited.   St Mary’s, Chithurst has been re-roofed and is looking really good for being nearly a thousand years old (1086). Much has been achieved but there is still much more to done. Our Churches are places of sanctuary but are also places to use and to bring community together.

We are thankful to all for supporting our Churches, but sadly we cannot face our future without your continued financial assistance. Please consider signing up financially on a regular basis to help us maintain, but also to further these projects for the benefit of all in our community and for future generations. Your support is gratefully received. Thank you!

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at Rogate Village Fete on 9th June, Post Fete Sunday ‘Songs of Praise’ at Rogate Rec Marquee on Sunday 10th June at 11.00am, and at the 150th anniversary of the foundation of Rogate Church of England School on Monday 11th June from 1.00pm together with a Service at School with The Bishop of Horsham at 2.00pm.

I would like to mark the death of Geoffrey Gough, long time member of Rogate Church. Geoffrey did much for this community and was a, ‘true gentleman’, who will be greatly missed by all. His funeral service will take place on Monday 18th June at 12noon at Rogate Church.

Yours in Christ