Rector’s Letter – June 2022

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Rector’s Letter – June 2022

‘Christ Centred – Community led’

Dear Friends,

Anyone under the age of about Seventy-Five simply cannot remember any other Head of State in the UK. Queen Elizabeth’s reign began when she was 25 years old, on 6th February 1952, following the death of her father, George VI. She is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. 

The Queen’s most famous declaration of her commitment to service was made during a visit to South Africa on her 21st birthday, when she vowed to serve the Commonwealth, and to declare a lifelong dedication, which she certainly has fulfilled with the support from her family. The Queen has been a faithful ‘shepherd’ having been anointed at her Coronation to shepherd her people, right across the globe, and continues to do so together with her faith which has enriched and sustained her in all that she undertakes in active service of all. 

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby rightly commented most recently about the Queen, that “She takes her duties seriously, but she doesn’t take herself very seriously. She laughs in private, she has an absolutely superb sense of humour,” “‘It’s not about me’ almost sums up her reign.”  When most at her age would now be taking things a little easier, the Queen continues to greet Heads of State, deal with the daily round of Government ‘red boxes’, but also to those who value her encouragement at their everyday attempts to do good, or to improve our way of life. She has even welcomed ‘ZOOM’ as a way of communicating with her people in and out of COVID, and to inviting people into her ‘back garden’ and holding countless Royal Garden parties over the 70 years to thank the many from all walks of life.

As we prepare to give thanks and to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee this month, may we each be given wisdom and insight, counsel, strength, and joy to share with The Queen in God’s ministry of calling all to live together and work for the common good and to build community life. Our Queen’s long and prosperous reign has been one of true service and is an encouragement to us all to play our part.

Let’s all rise to the occasion.

Yours in Christ,

Edward (Rector) 

New Churchwarden for Rogate 

Bill Howat has been elected to serve as Churchwarden at St Bartholomew. He has served on the Parochial Church Council and Deanery Synod over several years and we welcome him as he takes up this important of roles in the life of our church and community.

We also, welcome Mike Galley who joins the PCC, having recently retired here from Yorkshire to be near family. Mike is also a Rogate Parish Councillor.

01730 821576