Rector’s Letter February 2019

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Rector’s Letter – February 2019

‘Christ Centred – Community led’

Dear Friends

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. However, there is nothing worse than ideas that just don’t go anywhere. It has often been said, that the ‘road to hell’ is paved with good intentions. Today we are overwhelmed with choice, so much to choose and decide what is right to do and what is not. Our lives are a series of particular experiences, relationships and decisions and we need to take time to make good and faithful decisions as they will impact on us and those around us. Whilst few of us seek God’s opinion when choosing between a flat white or an espresso, when we seek God’s plan for our lives we long to hear his voice saying, ‘Walk this way’. Choosing what to give of our life can be complex, but we do have someone to bring these to, God. 

As Christians we believe that everything we have comes from God. Our world with all its resources, our abilities and the money we earn are ‘gifts’ God has given to each of us. God entrusts us as ‘Stewards’ of his creation, and Jesus taught us above all, to love all, and to use our possessions for the greater good. As we journey now through the ‘Year of Vocation’ we are being asked to consider our gifts, time, money and resources to the mission of the Church, and to the community we seek to serve. We have so much to be thankful for in this place, and so much to offer and support the common good. As we journey towards Lent, a time for giving up things and in taking up prayer, study and giving, I ask you to respond to my stewardship letter and the flyer that will arrive on your door step in March. 

I look forward to seeing as many that can make it for our Stewardship Campaign Launch on Sunday 3rd March at 10.15am at Rogate Church with Archdeacon Fiona Windsor, and at the exciting, ‘All Stars’ concert on Saturday 9th February at 6.30pm at Rogate Church. All welcome!

Yours in Christ

Edward (Rector)