Rector’s Letter – April 2020

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Benefice Safeguarding Officer: Rita Harrison-Roach is the Benefice Safeguarding Officer for Rogate with Terwick and Trotton with Chithurst Benefice. or Rita can be contacted on: (01730 818339)


Rector’s Letter – April 2020

‘Christ Centred – Community led’


Dear Friends

In the early part of World War II, a U.S Navy submarine was stuck on the bottom of the harbour in New York City. It seemed all was lost. There was no electricity and the oxygen was quickly running out. In one last attempt to rescue the sailors from the steel coffin, the U.S. Navy sent a ship equipped with Navy divers to the spot on the surface, directly above the wounded submarine. The trapped sailors heard the metal boots of the diver land on the exterior surface, and they moved to where they thought the rescuer would be. In the darkness they tapped in Morse code, “Is there any hope?” The diver on the outside, recognising the message, signalled by tapping on the exterior of the sub, “Yes, there is hope.”

Life now seems like being in a ‘film’, it’s quite surreal as we come to terms with lockdown/self isolation; it feels like the end of the road. But as we journey towards Easter, we are reminded of the hope that Jesus brings, that death and fear have no lasting hold on us, this is a ‘Hope’ that is fulfilled. ‘Yes’, there is hope!’ The joyful energy and hope of Easter follows on from the Cross. The one flows from the other. We are promised that we are loved and forgiven, that our experiences of darkness and brokenness can also release the sovereign power of God; and that there is always the possibility of new beginnings, no matter how impossible the situation seems, or how unfair. Everything about our faith depends on the Resurrection of Jesus who brings hope out of death and new life to all.

I would like to assure you of the Joy and wholeness that Jesus brings through His Resurrection, and that ‘perfect love casts out fear’, that, ‘love for God and neighbour’ can banish the darkness and restore and guide us in the days ahead. The Risen Christ speaks to us today, of hope fulfilled.

Let us rejoice and be glad as we continue to pray, to look out for those in need in our communities and to be a good neighbour to all.

With all healing blessings for Holy week and Easter

and in the days and months ahead

Edward, Tara, Luke and Isabella


Please note that all services, events and activities within the United Benefice have been suspended until further notice.