Rector’s Letter – May 2021

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Benefice Safeguarding Officer: Rita Harrison-Roach is the Benefice Safeguarding Officer for Rogate with Terwick and Trotton with Chithurst Benefice. or Rita can be contacted on: (01730 818339)


Rector’s Letter – May 2021

‘Christ Centred – Community led’

Please note that services, within the United Benefice have re-commenced, though online home based worship will continue to be available until we come out of lockdown

Dear Friends,

As a nation we are gently moving out of lockdown and finding our way again.  As a Church we move swiftly into the Feast of the Ascension (13th May) Jesus’ return to the God the Father, and Pentecost (23rd May) the gift of the Holy Spirt on the Church. I am reminded of the Bayeux Tapestry which has a wonderful panel of William the Conquerors battle of Hastings, with his Uncle, Bishop Odo, (with the abbreviated Latin translated), “Here, Bishop Odo, comforts his troop”, whilst Odo forces his men into battle with a spear, prodding their backs.  Not much of a comfort, but the Holy Spirit is given not to comfort us but to awaken and equip us to proclaim Good News and to reach out to the poor, the marginalised, to work for justice, peace, and integrity of all. 

As we face a new future, so we move to heal our world and one way to do this is to support Christian Aid Week (10th -16th May) with its theme, ‘Climate Justice’. Judith Mowll, who died at Easter after a short battle with cancer, co-ordinated our Christian Aid house-to-house collections over many years and raised thousands of pounds over her time.  Sadly, we can’t collect from homes this year, but you still give by sending a cheque to your respective Churches, marked on back for Christian Aid, or, join me for our Benefice ZOOM Quiz for Christian Aid at 8.00pm on Monday 10th May.  Email: and you will be given a link to join up.

Just to note that Rogation Sunday falls on Sunday 9th May.  Sadly, we can’t hold our Rogation Walk and tea with our friends with St Luke’s, Peckham instead we will be holding a Virtual ZOOM Compline with St Luke’s at 8.00pm. (see below)

I would like to thank Liz Tyrrell for her ministry to us as Reader, having now stepped down from this role in the past month.

As we recover from the trials of the coronavirus pandemic, we will need fortitude and a deep sense of commitment to serving others. Throughout his life Prince Philip displayed those qualities in abundance, I pray that we can take inspiration from his example.

We are much stronger and resourceful when we worship, pray, and work together.  

Yours in Christ

Edward (Rector)

Ps. Work progresses well on Terwick Church new roof, and we are thankful to all who have helped make this possible.  If you want to give a donation towards the project you can still do so as we are still needing to plug the gap in funding for this, but that would greatly help if you can. Thank you!  

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